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Assets are stored in 7 x 24 surveilled warehouses with full access records.


Trading Mode

Different from regulatory required T+5 Mode in the Mainland China, HKDAEx offers international widely accepted T+0 Mode which allows transaction in a more flexible and risk-controlled manner on one hand, and higher transaction volume on the other hand. The T+0 Mode offers better ability to fulfil different needs from consumers, investors and collectors. More diversified market participants, less transaction volatility and more stable prices will be expected in the T+0 Mode.

Transaction Settlement

Offshore Renminbi is used for pricing, trading and settlement of all merchandises listed on HKDAEx

Transaction Safety

Warehousing and trading entities are segregated. Professional Asset Custodian guarantees and monitors product validity, self-developed trading system ensures trading safety and reliability.

Operation Compliance

HKDAEx ensures its operation complies with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Ordinance, guidance notes issued by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, namely “Statement on regulatory framework for virtual asset portfolios managers, fund distributors and trading platform operators” and “Conceptual framework for the potential regulation of virtual asset trading platform operators”.